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Tikur Sew Show During The Trournament in Geneva

Geneva show was one of our biggest and successful show. It was a nice opportunity for us to be in Switzerland during the tournament. We would like to thank tournament organizer of Switzerland Ethiopian Sport Federation for...
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Europe Tour Start From Geneva

Are you ready Europe? Teddy Afro’s first Tikur Sew World Tour in Europe starts from Geneva, Switzerland. Teddy Afro and Abugida band are eager to meet their fans in Europe to entertain you with the new album Tikur Sew. Our...
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Ethiopia’s Mahmoud Ahmed and Teddy Afro bring Echostage home

The two Ethiopian singers who performed early Saturday morning at Echostage, Mahmoud Ahmed and Teddy Afro, represent different styles and different generations. The 72-year-old Mahmoud sailed Semitic-style melodies over...
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ESFNA 30th Anniversary Closing Night

The Comcast Center at College Park in Maryland was crowded with fans for closing night of ESFNA 30th Anniversary. Several Ethiopian music artists took the stage to entertain their fans. Teddy Afro was one of the artists presented...
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Amazing Show of The Year!

On the 30th Anniversary of ESFNA, Friday night of July 6th, 2013, it was a historical show of the year from the Ethiopian music super star Teddy Afro and the Ethiopian music legend Mahmoud Ahmed. The show at Echostage of...
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Legend & Superstar – Ticket is Available Now

On July 5th, 2013 don’t forget to mark your calendar for the biggest show of the year. For the first time, the super start Teddy Afro and the legend Mahmoud Ahmed are going to entertain you on the 30th Anniversary of ESFNA....
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Teddy Afro Performing on Wuleta Concert to Support Abebe Melese

The Ethiopian musician association in collaboration with different artists has presented you a concert dubbed “Wuleta” as a response to a legend’s reach out for help. Abebe Melese is a celebrated Ethiopian who has been the...
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The Superstar and the Legend

One of the greatest concert collaboration in Ethiopian music history will happen on July 5, 2013. The Legendary Mahmoud Ahmed and the Superstar Teddy Afro will perform for the first time in Washington DC. It’s a rare...
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A show NOT to be missed!

Great things only happen in life very few times. On July 5th of 2013, there will be a great show in the history of Ethiopian artists. The Legend Mahmoud Ahmed and the Superstar Teddy Afro are joining together for a dazzling...
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Best of TeddyAfro In Doha – Qatar

Teddy Afro show in Doha 2013 Diamond League show in Qatar was very successful. Over Ten thousand fans of Ethiopians, Eritreans,  Kenyans,  Sudanese and other nationalities was stayed for the concert right after the diamond...
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