The new album – Tikur Sew


Director: Tamirat Mekonen
Producer: Sabisa Films Production
Adika Communications & Events
Belema Entertainement

Production Designer: Tesfaye Wondmagegn
Director of Photography: Tamirat Mekonen
Editor: Abenet Wondmagegn
Visual Effect: Daniel Tamirat
Assistant Directors: Fitsum Yilak & Sewmehone Yismaw (Somic)

Artist: Tewodros Kassahu/ Teddy Afro
Tikur Sew (2012)
Music Arrangement: Abegasu Kibrework

Based on the historical Battle of Adwa (March 1, 1896) in which Ethiopian forces, under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taytu Betul, defeated the invading Italian army and secured Ethiopian sovereignty.

via Sabisa Films Production (2012)
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Tikur Sew- (Amharic for black person)
~The Amharic phrase at the end means: ‘In order to define yourself now, you have to look at your past.

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  1. I love all teddy afro songs, and teddy afro albums. But TIKUR SEW is on my top 2 list, of Teddy Afro ALBUMS.

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