Kickoff Concert Cancellation in Helsinki

We would like to express our deepest apology for the cancellation of kick off concert  on Dec 6th for our fans in Helsinki due to  unforeseen circumstance. We will post you with the updates.

Love wins!!!

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  1. Agaro says:

    We understand Teddy. It is somewhat expected but we are confident that when Ethiopia is free from these thugs and incompetent sub-humans, Ethiopia`s sons and daughters will be treated just like any other human being in the free world. It is OK Teddy. You are paying what the cost of freedom costs and only few selected are able to pay the cost which history will never forget. Teddy, truly they made us even love you more. WE LOVE YOU.

  2. Abegaz says:

    Teddy, you need to state the reason for not coming. To simply say, “for unforeseen circumstances” is not enough. That does not mean you have to speak hostile words against government. You can politely state what happen. The world must know what is going on behind the scene. It is not a crime to let others know. I am sure the higher government officials did not know your problem. So when you explain what happened, you are also letting them know the fault committed by low level officials at the airport. It will hep the government t to take corrective measures. If they don’t correct it . it is them that will be embarrassed and not you. Hiding your problem is neither politeness nor helps you in any way.

  3. Behailu says:

    what is new about the teddy’s case ? I am really sorry tedy they are so mad , I have no words to express their maddnes ……. love wins !!!

  4. getnet says:

    we love you Teddy

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