Notice on Publication of Enqu Magazine

To lovers of my music,

A few weeks ago I gave an interview to Enqu magazine in relation to the memorial marking the 100th year since the death of Menelik II.

I know that this interview was presented to the public under the title “Ametatun yaye akahedun yawkal.” However, under circumstances unbeknownst to me and due to the error of the magazine, my photo was printed alongside a different quote which is not in line with my belief or journey.

As proof of this, one can refer to my message contained in the article titled “Ametatun yaye akahedun yawkal,” in the magazine article. The magazine has issued a correction and apologized to us for its error.

As my journey is one of love, unity and closeness/togetherness, we will handle this issue with the same emotion/ principle/sentiment.

Love will triumph

Tewodros Kassahun

4 Responses

  1. Getachew Adane says:

    Teddy Nebse,
    You just played with a fire for the first time in your business. I would say, stop playing with this Oromo people and come up front and apologize !!!!!

    Your concerts in big Oromiya cities will be too dangerous unless security is beefed up . Good luck !

    Gecho !

  2. Belew says:

    It doesn’t seem like Enqu Megazine acknowledged the apology you were talking about. Dealing with one ethnic is not like dealing with one homeless! Upraising genociders will leads……… and………….

  3. Abayneh says:

    I am greatful of greetings 4 u, while when we see the music u brought 4 us it is not only music it’s also to find where we are in the moment. so enogh to say more God Bless U more!!!!!!

  4. Mesfin Ayele says:

    Don’t feel what ever other comments. Be good @ any time since no gain from being bad

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