Successful Show in Khartoum


In Sudan Khartoum, it was another successful show with an amazing fans. Teddy Afro’s “Journey To Love” was attended by special guestes. General Abderhaman Elsadiq Elmahadi, Sudan President’s assistant, Mr. Eltaib Hassan Budawe ¬†Federal Minister of Culture, and many famous Sudanese artist were showed up to enjoy Teddy Afro’s concert. We would like to express our love and thanks to all our brothers and sister live in Sudan and the entire Sudanese people for their love and hospitality.

Journey To Love will continue after Ethiopian Eastern. We wish happy fasting time for all Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. Melkam Tsome!

3 Responses

  1. Mohammed Hassan says:

    Thank you Teddy for these wonderful moments.Hope to see you again soon in Sudan

  2. Tibebe says:

    It is so beautiful to watch Teddy performing live with out keyboards.

  3. Dear Teddy, for long time we wait you to come down to Khartoum, we are (Ethiopian & Sudanese) one nation
    Now you come and you get our welcome from any any persons in Khartoum, you & we get a very wonderful memory moments, we think no body will forget that, all of us HOPE YOU KEEP YOUR PROGRAM WITH ONCE OR TWICE TIME BY YEAR IN Khartoum, Khartoum IS YOUR 2ND HOME CITY



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