Teddy Afro For The First Time in Sudan


Teddy Afro’s first time show in Sudan city Khartoum was one of the memorable shows. We have experienced the great hospitality of Sudanese people with love and passion. The show was packed with thousands fans of Teddy Afro. The first show was a very successful concert following to our second show on Sunday night. We would like to say thank you SUDAN and all our fans that made this show special.

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  1. abebe ashagrie zerihun says:

    we know everything abt tedy. he was excelent in his education .also in social life.he is also talented .when we comes 2 his talent ther are so meny witneses that they are alive.finally he is not poletician but he likes to listen true,to eat true,to breaz trrue ,all he have to have true

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