Teddy Afro to delight fans in North America

This November, Teddy Afro is expected to embark on his “Tikur Sew” North America tour. The gig will mark Teddy’s first American tour since the release of his much anticipated “Tikur Sew” album. The artist will be performing with Abugida band, one of the most celebrated bands in the country, and will be playing songs not only from his new album but his biggest hits from previous albums as well. Teddy, who recently had a very successful concert in London, is expected to wow a big crowd in Addis before launching the North America tour. The tour, which takes off on thanksgiving will be a remarkable event with thousands of fans expected to show up. In partnership with KMF ENTERTAINMENT INC, the singer plans to delight his adoring fans in what many believe would be a spectacular show.

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