Ticket On Sale for The Biggest Show at Gihon

Happy Easter to all Christians all over the world! Melkam Fasika. We are just few days away from our mega show on April 26th, 2014 at Gihon Hotel. The tickets for the show has been on sale in our partner locations. Seats are limited, before it sold out, you can get your ticket at the following locations:
1- Gihon Hotel
2- ABC all branches
3- Yedon Art office
4- La Parisienne Cafe all branches
5- Enrico Pastry
6- Taytu Hotel
7- Jolly Bar
8- Flirt Lounge
9- Club Illusion
10- Club H2O
11- Mamas Kitchen
12- Inter Continental lobby
13- Safeway Supermarket
14- Miky Mobile
15- Yoye all branches

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