“Tikur Sew” concert postponed for unspecified time

Teddy Afro’s “Tikur Sew” concert postponed for unspecified time

Adika Communication and Events in collaboration with Teddy Afro would like to announce that the singer’s “Tikur Sew” concert has been rescheduled for unstipulated time following the tragic death of our Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The company and the artist would like to express its heartfelt condolences to the family of H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and to the Ethiopian nation as a whole. “Tikur Sew” Concert was originally scheduled for the Ethiopian New Year’s Eve, September 10, 2012.

However, as the country is in a state of shock and is mourning the terrible loss of its leader, Adika and the singer assume that it would be inappropriate to move on with the concert as originally scheduled. The exact date of the concert will be notified through an official press conference that will be given shortly by the music mogul and Adika Communication and Events’ management team.

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  1. Solomon says:

    Thank you Teddy and Adika. You should sing one memorial song for this selfless, brave and extraordinary leader the late PM Meles. God bless Ethiopia. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

    • Aya biruk says:

      Sure??? If its going to be sing,the intro would be “moosho”hahaha,coz we faces the worst!!look the hell arround us!cos we were singing
      “sirish serdo kalhone’ma
      dehna senbch ema’ma”…,but i lyk to say R.I.P!! And i think our condoles shouldn’t be an approval for the regime,but of humanity!! God bless Ethiopia, Ethiopians and our leaders too!!

  2. Sew says:

    Good boy!

  3. Achamo says:

    Sorry for the death of meles but i’m surprised to hear such a sympathy from teddy afro who wished this to happen for long and who sang a MERDO song lol

  4. Thomas says:

    Teddy, you are a class as always. God bless you. I have no doubt you will find a way to take this tragic moment to unite the Ethioipian people.

  5. Aster says:

    Thanks Teddy and Adika communication! You did an honorable thing!

  6. Solomon says:

    For god sake ! For how long are we supposed to mourn ?????

  7. t says:

    Thank you Teddy and Adika for showing the dignity and respect worthy of our country. Pay not attention to the few misled mehayims.

  8. Biniam says:

    Thank you Teddy and Adika for being considerate.
    I think Teddy and Adika should work on a song and concert dedicated to celebrate the legacy of legendary Ethiopian leader Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. He deserves that for his tireless and relentless lifelong service and dedication to his country.

  9. Eyerus says:

    Thanks Teddye !! God bless You and your work. I was hoping that you will come with a song which helps us to overcome this tragic death of PM Meles Zenawi AND To UNIFY Ethiopia more than ever at this terrible time.

  10. sami says:

    Thank you Teddy, for showing respect for your people and country.

  11. Cherkos says:

    For various reasons (the essence of his ‘Yasteserial’ music album being one), I was not a fun of Teddy Afro. But, it seems that he is now coming into his senses. In due time, he might have understood that his songs should not, at the very least, be divisive ones. His message of condolence and cancellation of his concert schedule are also the right things he took. Well done Teddy!

  12. Solomon from Awassa says:

    My brother “Solomon” pls do not be cruel and try to deter our right to mourn for our beloved son MELES. Teddy Afro, I always respect and admire you for you are also our beloved son. Pls Teddy, do not hate Meles (of course I do not think you do). Meles has sacrificed for us (his people). GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA.

  13. Selam says:

    That is a good choice to postpone.
    Shows your respect for people mourning the late PM.
    It would have been better not to eco ETV, however.

  14. Solomon says:

    Postpone – okay. It is also a business decision but the “shock” and all, time will tell if it is drama or true.


  15. Fiorina says:

    Good move. Am sure Tedy is also deeply sorry with the PM death. Even that is not the case Tedy should release one nice song for the late PM because no one can do like you do. I believe as an artiste serving the ppl he should reflect the ppls feeling right now. History is being made and this is a chance for you too Tedy. You need to be wise, forget the inhuman diaspora and follow your heart. This is a serious lose for all of us and the country and the PM is not any lesser than Bob Marley, comparable actually. One song is not too much for a man who practical sacrifice his entire life to make it easy for his ppl yet has been misunderstood entirely by his ppl. Make it up to him just liek the Ethiopian ppl are doing right now. we love you no matter what.

  16. Manios says:

    How appropriate Teddy! Always a class act. God bless Meles and Ethiopia. We have a lot of time for a concert but to mourn the death of a leader of Meles’s caliber is a rarity.

  17. diaspora_but_not_Toxic says:

    @solomon we wiil mourn until we achieved the meles zenawi’s goal, after all no one forced you to mourn you can do what ever you want

    • Aya biruk says:

      Ere wodaje premierlig aderdg’nw eko,ye’gele goal ye’gele goal mebabal kejemerin ” be’tarik wust tiwlid yiqaqaral”,ere lemehonu hagerachin goal yelatim endae? Minale yetejemeru melkam melkam gimarochin neqsen bemawtat “ye’ethiopia goal” malet binjemir?!!?

  18. Maheder says:

    Shame!! The majority of Ethiopian people are not grieving for the loss. We would happily go to Teddy’s concert. Bereket’s propaganda machines, shouldn’t be trusted!! Just listen to the heart of the majority. Le hulum gize alew!! Ye Ethiopia Tensae kerb new! Huala endanetezazeb!

  19. Kiki says:

    Teddy and Adika, great you did the correct thing, also I hope to listen your super natural voice regading this current event, one thing for sure what I learned from This man death is we were under estimating him, but a lots of people inside Ethiopia, and all over the world loved him and support him and they see him as a Jegena and may be he deserve your priceless tribute song…..

  20. Legesse says:

    The decision of Teddy to postpone his concert is the right decision due the cultural behaviour of the Ethiopian people. But the dictator has not deserved our respect. He is the person who has killed millions. Our parents are still crying for what he did on them. For me he was the slaughter of Addis.
    I advise Teddy, to do have nothing with the EPRDF and the Woyane Propagnda. History will reveal their bad activities. And I don’t want to see singer like Teddy in prison for his connection with woyane…..God bless Ethiopia

  21. ethio says:

    RESPECT! and Thanks

  22. menen says:

    Teddy postpone his concert for the sake of p.m meles mourn or for his business? as we know if teddy made his concert at this time no body attend his concert , i think that is the reason to postpone his concert .is that really teddy ask people to song about him

  23. alemayehu says:

    It is a right decision to postpone the concert. And i think it is fair if teddy afro come up with a song that discrib the people fling in anyway he see it. Example “kenenesa” . At the end of the day teddy afro music is a picture that can be imagen…my all time favor teddys song are Dahalak, yasteseryal, kenenesa, lambadina…they all are based on true story….so can we get one more the way u see it (the death of meles)…i dont care if u praise or down the PM.

  24. Minte says:

    Teddy, DO the RIGHT THING! Use the opportunity you have to teach people about love and respect for ourselves. Our problems are primarily the respect we give to each other – it is okay to disagree but still love and respect each other . Do we agree with everything with PM Meles? Not, at all. Aren’t there many things Meles did? of course he did. It is quite visible unless one denies the reality. Could he have done better. Of course he could have. Our country is extremely diverse with opposing opinions – it is hard to please every one. The reality is there will be people that will be put in prison, there will be people that will be killed, there will be people that will be punished if you or I will be a leader tomorrow as well. That is how you govern a fragile country. The reality is while we were in school in Bethlehem ( I went to that school as well), there were kids elsewhere in the country being bombed with mig71s. I wouldn’t be surprised if people have opposing opinions about the country now. Zenawi was a great leader – he spent his entire lifetime for a cause he believed in. I do not necessarily agree with everything he believed in, but I have great respect for his brilliance and commitment for a cause he believed in , for his work on Ethiopia mainly on hard infrastructure (roads, dams, railways) , for his great work representing African interests in the world by intellectually defending and protecting african interest ( his intellect and brilliance has been to the benefit of the continent and has brought respect for Africa). Trust me, talk to any african who understands the continent and you will find out that many Africans have enormous ENORMOUS respect for and pride in Zenawi. If anything, he is one of us – he is the Son of Mother Ethiopia! His loss will be felt by Africa and Ethiopia’s dominance in the region will be dependable on what follows . . .

    You sang about love in 2005, right? That is what we need! Many of his opponents have lost sight of the big picture. We may not have a functioning democracy at this point but, Zenawi was building the hard infrastructure that we needed to pull Ethiopia out of miserable poverty. We should all give him credit for that!

    • Weleta says:

      Amen to that!!!… Well said and could not be side more… Ethiopia needs more thinking like this one…Great move by Tedy you truly showed or walked your talk “Fiker yashenefal ” Please keep on preaching that since we need it badly ever than before. Fiker yashenefal indeed!!!

  25. Harbe says:

    Teddy is a unique Ethiopian– I have the greatest respect for him as a
    person and love his songs. However, those of you who have supported the
    policy of Meles (TPLF), (that allowed Ethiopia to lose its access to the
    sea, that called the Flag “cherke”, that killed Prof. Asrat and 197 kids in
    the street of Addis, that has jailed Bertukan, Teddy, Eskinder, Andualem,
    many journalists, activists, citizens as well as forced many Ethiopians to
    leave the country and live in exile) should be ashamed of yourself for
    asking Teddy to sing a song for a tyrant and dictator.
    If you don’t understand the logic and process Teddy uses, let me share I
    what I have learned. Teddy promotes Ethiopianism and Ethiopian culture –
    using this formula; don’t expect any song that will glorify Meles from
    Teddy!! He will not bring himself that low; it is not in his Ethiopian

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