Tikur Sew Show During The Trournament in Geneva


Geneva show was one of our biggest and successful show. It was a nice opportunity for us to be in Switzerland during the tournament. We would like to thank tournament organizer of Switzerland Ethiopian Sport Federation for throwing one of the best show for Tikur Sew World Tour. Also we extend our thanks to Ethiopian community in Switzerland and all our fans who was part of this show. Our next stop will be Amsterdam, Netherlands on 27th of July 2013.

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  1. Hana says:

    Is it really happening on the 27 July in Amsterdam???

    I would love to attend…please send me the details , place , where …I live in a country side where there are no abesha so please help me…I LOVE SO MUCH TEDDY TEDDYE YENNIA GEGNA


  2. etsegenet says:

    I was the time tedy concert i am so happy relly successful wow thanks tedy

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