Tikur Sew Show on The Birthday of Menelik II in Oslo


It was a perfect day for Teddy Afro and Abugida band to perform “Tikur Sew” show with amazing fans in Norway Oslo on the day for Emperor Menelik II birthday on Aug 17th. What a perfect day to celebrate Tikur Sew – Reborn. We thought Amsterdam fans were energetic. But Oslo fans disapprove our justification with an unbelievable energy all the night. We would like to thank our supporter and fans in Oslo, Motherland Music, and Habeshawi Zema for an outstanding show. Our next stop will be another historical journey for Teddy Afro to Finland Helsink. This is his first time show to reach to his fans in Finland on Aug 24th 2013. ARE YOU READ FINLAND?!!!

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  1. kecy k says:

    Hei Teddy, good to have you back in Oslo. Last time i joined your show was 2009 and that was right after you got out from jail. I missed your fantastic concert in Oslo yesterday,i hope you had a great show and all fans were so happy.
    We will be happy to take a picture with you before you leave Oslo. Please contact the organizer so that we can take a picture before your departure. It can be at the Airport or around Oslo area.
    I hope you will say yes for a memorable event for the fans.
    Enjoy your trip in helsinki

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