Welcome To The World Baby TeddyAfro – Micheal


Tewodros Kassahun and Amleset Muchie have welcomed their first child today. The couple who was wed on September 27th 2012 are now parents to a baby boy. The newly parents have named their child “Michael”.  Congratulations to Teddy and Amleset!

Enkuwan Mariam Marechish :-)


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  1. Yared Abera says:

    Kasa hunegn yalkew michael newna.

    Ayat aderekew menfesu enditsena.

    Michael tewodros Tewodros kasahun.

    Endalkew abate. abat tebal ahun.

    “Enkuan des alachihu”

  2. Congratulations Teddy and Amleset

  3. Ermias says:

    Glad to see Tedy’s new baby-boy.
    Just one advice. Either use proper grammar or use Amharic. Many grammatical errors just in one paragraph. It is not to criticize, but to forward my concerns so that you improve.

    እንደዚህ ስህተቶች ሲበዙ የገፁን ጥራት በጣም ይቀንሰዋል….
    እንግሊዘኛ የእውቀት መለኪያ ባይሆንም..በምንም ቁዋንቅዋ ቢሆን ስህተት መብዛት የለበትም


  4. Gohnesh says:

    Weldo mesamin yemesel tilk tsega yelem, Tedisho enkuan lezih abekah.
    Michael enkuan teweldik and be blessed.

  5. adash wkorknhe says:

    congratulations teddy and Amleset

  6. Yoseph Darios Modi says:

    For Teddy & Ami
    i remember Teddy wish for a boy and girl on sheger fm interview, now he got the Boy and name him Mickael, i wish you perfect couples to have the girl who’ll be named as Mariamawit.
    Much, much much Love and Respect for both of you! GOD Bless You, God Bless Your marriage, God Bless Your Child, God Bless Ethiopia, GOD BLESS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

  7. Kedus says:

    this is soooooooooooooooooooooo nice, it was my deam for them, they look so happy together!

    Tedyye ena Amselet, E/er yebarkachew yetebekachew ! Teddy Agerehen selemetewed , egnian hulut endemetewed asmesskirehal!

    I am happy for you , Tedy ye God bless you, we love you and give a big kiss to Michael , ye Ethiopia Amlak !

  8. Kidist Menberu says:

    Teddy and Amleset: Congrtulations! May God bless you both and your baby Michael. We are so happy that God gave this beautiful gift. May God bless you with a litle girl next.

  9. yonas abate (dire dawa) says:

    since God and ST MARY is with u .you are always lucky
    i proud of you with the level of achievement in your profession and life style.
    if all young Ethiopians reach on achievement in their profession (not in your profession) the country will develop soon,
    let GOD give you long ,peaceful, lovely life for you and your new family

  10. Mesfin says:

    Wow wow Wowwwww congratulation am so excited about what I heard it’s really wonderful to have a new baby boy for both of u and also for me coz I want to hear all good things about u Tedisha ur so lucky to be in dis world n also we are to have u God bless u and ur whole family, Long live for TEDDY AFRO!!!!!!!!!!

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