‘Wode Fikir Guzo’ Is Continuing As Scheduled

Few of our ‘Wode Fikir Guzo’ shows has been canceled due to work permit didn’t complete on time table promised to us. Finally we have received work permission and the shows will continue as scheduled starting from Seattle Washington on Jun 21st. We apology to our fans in few cities for any inconvenience. We will post new scheduled date for those cities as soon as we finalized the dates.

በስራ ፍቃድ ምክንያት ተቆአርጦ የነበረዉ የጥቁር ሰዉ ወደ ፍቅር ጉዞ ኮንሰርት የፊታችን ቅዳሜ በሲአትል ይጀመራል…..በአንዳንድ ከተማ የተሰረዙትም ኮንሰርቶች ቀኖችን አመቻችተን በቦታዉ እንመለሳለን።…..በተፈጠረዉ ችግር ለተጉላላችሁት ወድሞቻችን እና እህቶቻችን ማዘናችንን ስንገልጵ ከክብሮት ጋራ ጭምርም ነዉ።….
ጉዞ ይቀጥላል…
ፍቅርም ያሸንፋል።

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  1. Melikam says:

    Taddy Afro ethiopa one best

  2. Melikam says:

    Teddy Afro tewdaje ye ethiopa lije ethiopa letkora yegbatal meknyatum esu. Yemsel merrt sew yelm

  3. teddy afro fan club says:

    we love you teeddyeeeeeeeeee seriously

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