A peaceful, record breaking Teddy’s concert rocks Ghion!!


Teddy Afro was back on stage for his first Addis concert in nearly four years and he didnt disappoint. Teddy kicked off the show with -Asiyo belema- before delving into his latest songs and his biggest hits. The artist performed with great energy and rigor with -Abugida- band for thousands of adoring fans. It was one of the greatest show Addis has ever had from production, performance, and organization aspects.

Before closing the show, which lasted for almost four hours, the artist honored his previous manager Addis Gessesse, Abugida band, Abegaz Kibreworik Shiwota, Michael Hailu and the Ethiopian National Football team with presents. Teddy will be performing in Awassa next week before kicking off his American tour!

Awassa concert has postphone from this week to the next week.

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