Teddy Afro 2017 New Songs

Teddy Afro the most famous artists in Ethiopia released his new album with new single ‘Ethiopia’ song. The full album is now available on the market. Please visit your local Ethiopian store of download from online.
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Christmas party Celebration

Christmas party Celebration Teddy Afro and Gosaye Tesfaye at Kings Hall 2929 27th AVE S,SEATTLE WA 98144
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የተጀመረዉ የአዉሮፓ ኮንሰርት በሄልስንኪ ከተማ ተጠናቋአል

ቅዳሜ ታህሳስ 11 የተጀመረዉ የአዉሮፓ ኮንሰርት ስድስት አገራትን ዞሮ ትላንትና በሄልስንኪ ከተማ በግሎሪያ ክለብ በሰላም...
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