Europe Tour About to Start – Kick-Off Helsinki

1- Kick-off Helsinki December 6 2- Amsterdam: December 13 3- Oslo: December 20 4- Christmas/New year concert: Stockholm December 27 5- New Years Eve December 31 Frankfurt 6- The First concert of 2015: Geneva January 3
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Last Show of USA, in Denver

Oct 5th, 2014 we wrapped up our last show in US for this season in Denver, Colorado. It was a great show with amazing crowd of Denver and surrounding areas. We would like to thank everyone in Denver to make our show successful....
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ሕጋዊነትን ያልተከተለ ስርጭት

ማክሰኞ መስከረም 6፡ 2007:         ቀደም ሲል (ሰባ ደረጃ) በሚል ርዕስ አርቲስት ቴዎድሮስ ካሳሁን በኦፊሻል ድረ ገጱ ላይ አዲስ ሙዚቃ መልቀቁ...
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